Open Insurance Data Standard v1.2.1 released

The data standard has been extended from 1 to 8 classes of business. The previous (first) version covered only the Motor Insurance class. However, version 1.2.1 now covers:

  1. Motor Insurance
  2. Trade Credit Insurance
  3. Pet Insurance
  4. Property Insurance
  5. Business Interruption Insurance
  6. Cyber Liability Insurance
  7. Term Life Insurance
  8. Travel Insurance

The Motor Insurance data model now includes new data elements resulting from the alignment with the data standard developed by COVESA and W3C for connected vehicles. More on this subject in the #calls-for-participation category.

You can view the entire standard online here.

Please note that this a live developing standard and optimization changes should be expected.

We’re are working hard on populating OPIN’s GitHub account to allow for change/pull requests. We definitely need help there.

If you are an expert user of GitHub and you are capable of generating an interface API definition in RESTful format and transform its data schema into JSON format using the data attributes we have now created please reach out to me in the comments below. Ideally, technical individuals who can take a data schema described in an EXCEL file and convert it into a JSON schema format.


I can help with GitHub. My GitHub account username is jimbrig: jimbrig (Jimmy Briggs) · GitHub. Have experience with GitHub, Excel, and deriving openapi specifications. My first thought would be to use PowerShell to convert Excel to JSON then try and get the JSON into a proper openapi/swagger spec file.


Yes, that will be great Jimmy. We have a Mobility working group meeting next Thursday. So we will get you invited and we can have a chat then.

Hi @jimbrig I added you to the Mobility group today, looks like you didn’t manage to join , will add you for next week on Thursday’s?


@Fouad @NeilWalker
Hello dears.

Is there an estimated or tentative date to publish the API specification? or maybe post the spec with OpenAPI 3.0 on SwaggerHub or some other?

Hi Adriano,

This is work in progress and we’re hoping to publish the APIs spec within the next 10 days or so.